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SHRM Certifications

Certification Study Groups

In today's economy, human resources professionals are expected to be proactive, strategic business partners who assist organizations to think and act strategically in a global environment. Certification becomes a public recognition of professional achievement, within the industry and beyond. For many, achieving certification becomes a personal, professional goal, a way to test one's knowledge and to measure it against one's peers. Still others see certification as an aid to career advancement. Certification sets those with the credential apart.

For additional information regarding certification, contact the Certification Director, Susan Kent, at dircertification@hrshrm.org or go to www.shrm.org.

Independent Study

An alternative approach will be available to HRSHRM or SHRM national members and others desiring to prepare for the certification exams. This option will provide opportunity for individuals to participate with others to acquire the necessary knowledge required to pass the exams through a more informal process through Independent Study. If you would like to be added to the list of individuals looking for certification preparation study partners, please email Susan Kent, Certification Director, with your name, email address, phone number and desired certification designation (SHRM or HRCI). Your information will be shared with others interested in participating in the Independent Study process so that each may link up with one another. The Certification Director will be available to assist with questions on where to purchase SHRM and/or HRCI study materials, costs associated, etc.


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