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Join Hampton Roads SHRM

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of HRSHRM.

HRSHRM is proud to be a 100% chapter of SHRM National.

This means that all HRSHRM chapter members are required to members in good standing of SHRM. Currently, the annual dues for SHRM are $209 per year; first-time members may receive a $15 discount by using Code 0118 when applying. Be sure to designate HRSHRM (Chapter #102) as your chapter.

To apply for HRSHRM membership, complete the following steps:

  1. If you are not a current member of SHRM, apply or renew online at SHRM.org. You will be provided with a SHRM ID number. Be sure to designate HRSHRM (Chapter 102) as your chapter.
  2. Join HRSHRM by filling out the Chapter Designation Form and returning it to HRSHRM at 757-842-4839 (fax) or sayres@hrshrm.org.
  3. Your application will be reviewed for approval. You will receive an email with your Members Only login information which will confirm your form has been processed.

HRSHRM Membership Categories

Professional Membership
Professional membership is available to individuals who are engaged as one of the following:

Professional members may vote and hold office in the Chapter. A valid SHRM ID number is required.

Associate Membership
Associate membership is available to individuals in non-exempt HR management positions and to those who do not meet the qualifications of professional membership but can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the chapter a bona fide interest in HR management and the purposes of the chapter.

Associate members have no vote nor hold office in the Chapter; however, they may serve as a member or chairperson to any committee. A valid SHRM ID number is required.

Student Membership
Student membership is limited to individuals who are actively enrolled in a degree-seeking program, taking at least six (6) credit hours per semester (or during a 15 week equivalency), and whose coursework supports an interest in Human Resource Management or related degree program.

Existing Professional members are not eligible to downgrade to student membership. Student members may not vote nor hold office in the Chapter. A valid SHRM ID number is required (SHRM currently offers a student membership at $40 per year).

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