Mentor Program


The Hampton Roads SHRM mentorship program is designed to encourage local SHRM students to learn from professional SHRM members and develop a strong professional network, which is vital to a successful career.

The Hampton Roads SHRM Mentorship Program provides a valuable opportunity for aspiring HR students to develop their professional networks and learn from HRSHRM members.

Our next mentorship cohort will run from October to December 2023 and will involve undergraduate students at Old Dominion University who are taking advanced Human Resource Management classes.

Benefits of a Mentorship Program

We believe in the impact of individual students learning from mentors in a one-on-one relationship built on trust and respect. The mentorship program provides job skill development and opportunities for professional networking to SHRM student members. Professional SHRM members who participate as mentors in the program will gain new insight and sharpen their leadership skills.

Additional benefits include:


  • Explore the world of work through interaction with professionals in the HR field of their choice.
  • Gain an experienced HR practitioner’s perspective on applying textbook concepts to real-life situations.
  • Familiarize themselves with corporate protocol.
  • Identify long-term professional development needs.
  • Realize the value of networking.
  • Develop a meaningful professional relationship over a specified period of time.


  • Contribute to the professional development of the future HR workforce.
  • Identify potential interns and new hires for their organization.
  • Assist students in beginning successful careers.
  • Give something back to the profession.

Mentorship Program Requirements

Mentors are identified based on their skills, experience, knowledge, and interest in serving. The program enables participants to gain support and feedback as they seek to grow personally and professionally. Students and mentors meet to discuss the students’ goals, exchange ideas, and learn. In addition, case studies will be provided by the program coordinator to facilitate and guide discussions. During the monthly meeting, mentors will share real life examples that relate to the case study and provide information, advice, and support to students.

Students are required to meet at least twice with mentors. During the first meeting, students are asked to interview their mentor. During the second meeting, students will present their short-term and long-term career goals, seeking advice from their mentor. Though not required, mentors and students are encouraged to continue their relationship beyond the formal program requirements.

How to Participate

Students who want to participate, please email Jennifer Klinger at

Mentors who want to participate, please complete the survey!